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cigarette design concept

From time to time every smoking person has tried to break the addiction. To «help» with it, there are terrifying pictures that are placed on the cigarette pack and in fact are ignored when purchasing. It turns out, fear doesn’t affect smokers. So we’ve decided to offer our options for unification cigarette pack design — when the pack is as if it speaks to its owner turning him into the target of manipulation. And which one of us wants to admit that he is being manipulated?

the goal was:

to offer the alternative to terrifying stickers on cigarette packs

we did:

  • — packaging design
  • — brand illustration

personal profit:

we traveled to the animal kingdom to find the most unpleasant ones, to put it mildly

disgusting beauty

Design has its three main functions: it impacts recognisability, impression and convenience. All of them cannot be fully used, but exist in uneven symbiosis. Meanwhile, one function necessarily becomes the leading one. As for the cigarette pack, it is the «impression». The design is balancing on the edge between aesthetics and disgust. Due to its realism, illustrations ignite customers’ imagination. Their multidimensionality draws attention to the dangers-of-smoking-message and destroys «banner blindness». Such design helps to concentrate on the real subject of smoking and unify cigarette packs, removing colorful manufacturers' logos from them.

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