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Between processes of idea generation, making page-proofs and prototyping we love sharing our knowledge with the world and inspire other people on new discoveries.

  1. Designers vs Neural Network: how we hired a neural network
  2. Design Manipulation, Part 1: Priming
  3. 9 Proven Time Management Techniques
  4. How to organize yourself to conquer your personal Everest in the new year
  5. Influencer marketing 2022: a step-by-step action plan + a convenient template for collecting information
  6. 9 Tips for Effective Remote Work
  7. Sales funnel in social media: instructions for use
  8. Advertising Market 2022: freeze or act?
  9. Brand metaphor: how to make a simple product unique
  10. Brand positioning: how to settle in the customer's mind
  11. How to choose a branding agency? 7 practical tips
  12. How to create a social media content plan + content plan template
  13. Tenders: when to participate and under what conditions
  14. SMM Brief: What to Ask and How to Format + Template
  15. Freelancers are a new staff? Or why companies benefit from working with freelancers
  16. Rebranding and restyling - what's the difference? Figuring out with examples
  17. SMM strategy: a step-by-step guide using the example of products for pets
  18. Team meetings: how to organize it without spending all your working time
  19. Developing an SMM strategy: a step-by-step plan for promotion on social media + checklist
  20. How to develop an advertising campaign? Recommendations from ICU agency
  21. An irresistible proposal: how to use insights in advertising
  22. Brand book and guideline: differences and similarities
  23. How to motivate a creative team: 8 main principles for a leader
  24. What is SMM for: goals and benefits for business
  25. Brand platform: what love for your brand is made of
  26. How to waste your promotion budget: the risks of an incorrect brand message
  27. 4 growth points of brand communication in the new environment
  28. Charity in advertising
  29. New Reality Storylines: Starring Common Sense
  30. Conceptual advertising: is it possible to do it without a strategy?
  31. How to Evaluate Design: The 3C Method, Part 2
  32. How to evaluate design: The 3C Method, Part 1
  33. What is a communication strategy: simplifying the complex
  34. How to choose a branding agency and get a worthy corporate identity?
  35. Corporate identity, branding and brand – what should you order at a branding agency?
  36. X Æ A-Xii: how to correctly use symbols in naming
  37. 7 Ways to Boost Creativity
  38. Brands and Ecology: From Words to Action
  39. Nostalgia in branding: the truth is somewhere out there
  40. Background matters
  41. Let's teach the brand to speak
  42. Rules that apply to both design and life
  43. An unbelievable tale of a printer
  44. Empathy map
  45. How neural networks are arranged
  46. Cryptography and Useless Mathematics. Part 2
  47. Cryptography and Useless Mathematics. Part 1
  48. How to find insight: where the client's pains are hiding
  49. How to write a brand manifesto
  50. Character Creation Method
  51. Basic storytelling plots
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