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It's time to go online. In the business environment, and not only, more and more people prefer the online meeting service Zoom. To discuss the launch of the next project with the department, we meet on Zoom. To laugh and exchange news with friends, we go to Zoom. Take another English lesson with a group - and hello again, Zoom.

listen and watch

We at shape&scroll love it when it's beautiful. If you don't want to show your co-workers home and your parents the mess in the room, we've compiled a list of the 5 coolest Zoom virtual backgrounds for you. You can choose a location to your liking and, for those who have everything in order with the imagination, even try on a new role - a pilot in the cockpit or a guest in the godfather's house. The workflow will not suffer from this, but will only become livelier and more creative.

how to change background

Changing the background in Zoom is pretty easy:

- launch Zoom and click "Settings"

- in the "Virtual background" tab, click on the image, select a background or add your own. To add your own background, click "+" and select an image from your computer.

Important: Use a high-quality, high-resolution image to select a virtual background.

try on new circumstances

In fact, the beauty of the virtual background for Zoom is that you can hold your meeting anywhere - in the cockpit of a private jet, virtual office, godfather's office or a bar on the planet Tatooine.

on board a private jet

in the office from The Office

in the General Secretary's office

in Stalin's office

on the Death Star

in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon

in a bar on the planet Tatooine

in the godfather's office

for breakfast with the Soprano family

Important: Whichever virtual background you choose, be sure to turn on the video first so you can spot and fix any issues before your Zoom meeting starts.

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