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new reality storylines: starring common sense

An alternative look at important topics of the new reality through the aesthetics of TV show posters. We share details about the creation of the art project "Common Sense".

Contradictions familiar to everyone

A few months ago, the world changed. Some actively adapted and searched for new paths of development, while others were frightened and some just froze in place.

Now we see how work, creativity, and entire spheres of life are constrained, including internally. It's open to state your position or keep your opinions to yourself, observe departing brands or seek new opportunities. The peak of tension has passed, but these issues still concern many of us.

The project is based on 5 themes:

  • - unstable financial situation
  • - information overload
  • - thoughts about possible relocation
  • - discussions with loved ones about politics
  • - living under sanctions

Your most reliable advisor

The "Common Sense" project talks about the importance of an adequate assessment of the situation and the ability to influence your life regardless of external factors.

Guided by common sense, we say that every position has the right to exist. It's normal to immerse yourself in the news or selectively read information. It's normal to relocate your business or develop it in its current location. It's normal to invest now or wait for a better moment. Everything that is based on your common sense is normal. Even in the most unpredictable times, rational thinking helps find answers and make decisions.

Project Aesthetics

The visual concept of the project is based on poster graphics. The posters symbolize the rapid development of events, similar to an action-packed TV series, and portray each of us as a hero in a new episode.

The posters contain three levels of details: easily recognizable images, key signs, and references for the most attentive viewers.

For example, in the poster about living under sanctions, the following elements are included:

  • — Level 1: easily recognizable symbols such as gas pipelines or bank cards
  • — Level 2: storm clouds as a symbol of troubled times
  • — Level 3: the sign of the ouroboros - a serpent biting its own tail in a circle - refers to the two-way effect of sanctions.

Possibilities or Difficulties?

Everyone decides for themselves. It seems that representatives of the creative industry face many limitations nowadays. With our project, we want to show that there is always room for creativity.

  • — If you are an agency or a creator, remember that even on ambiguous topics, you can express yourself through creative vision.
  • — If you are a marketer or a business owner, talk about important values for people in your projects.
  • — If you are not related to business or marketing, know that you can change your life and make decisions without being tied to external conditions.
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