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"Victoria 92" is one of the leading horticultural enterprises of the Krasnodar Territory. After almost 30 years of development, the company decided to formulate a new positioning and find its image in the identity. Today, gardening is actively implementing modern technologies and entering the B2C market. Our task was to give the company the image of a progressive player, but without a bias in technology. As a result, a metaphor of the Universe was chosen, which will distinguish gardening among competitors in the B2B segment and will be remembered by the end user in B2C.

the goal was:

branding for the fruit garden

we did:

  • — comprehensive branding
  • — design solutions

personal profit:

now we can advise fresh fruits in Krasnodar even in winter

ripeness orders

Taking care of the garden is hard work. But despite this, the employees of the "Victoria 92" love their work and closely monitor all processes: from planting seeds to loading the crop to the store. They work all day for the sake of ripeness and freshness of fruits and berries. Such involvement helped us to come to an association of garden workers with the inhabitants of a small fruit universe, where they playfully achieve results among fruits-planets and flowers-stars. Everything is created here to achieve ripeness.

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