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how to choose a branding agency and get a worthy corporate identity?

First of all, figure out and formulate what you need. It sounds extremely obvious. However, often business owners, brand managers, or marketing directors confuse "corporate identity" with "brand" or "logo." Not understanding the differences, they lose money, time, and, in the end, get something that is not really needed.

You can learn about the differences in the world of branding here.
If you can't understand it yourself, that's okay. Employees of the right agency will delve into your problem and help - don't be afraid to call or write to them.

When you have figured out the concepts, the next step is to choose the right performer.
To the question of how to choose a branding agency, the answer is often: "You need to find a company that has experience in your field." Of course, you can believe that your business and problems are unique, and a case in the same niche is a guarantee that the agency will figure it out.

In reality, this is not the most important parameter for successful development. A case on the topic can certainly facilitate the task. However, if there is no development experience in your field, starting the project, the agency team is unlikely to forget the tools of analytics, learn to create design concepts and draw corporate elements, and the skill of immersion in tasks will atrophy.

So how do you know that you can really trust the agency? And how do you make sure that it is not a one-day firm that ordered the right SEO promotion and presented someone else's cases?


But isn't it obvious? Yes. But there is a catch. We will not just look for cool cases in it. We will test them for truth.

1. A competent agency will make it clear what tasks the client had
For example, developing a brand, identity, or corporate style. And they will show what solutions were proposed and why to solve these tasks.

2. In case studies, a proper agency will not "hide" the visual
Illustrations and videos are not just posted in good quality, but clearly demonstrate solutions. If the images are small and nothing can be seen on them, things are bad. These people are clearly hiding something.

3. An agency presents cases in different areas
Narrowly focused agencies in one field probably just serve some large organization, and clients do not come to them on their own. And if an agency has experience in different areas, it means that it is proficient in methodology, and the team can easily understand all business areas, including yours.

Questions a Healthy Agency Asks

1. A good agency is interested in your business problems
They "dig" for the reasons behind the problems. They are important to get an honest answer.

2. A responsible agency immediately asks if you have worked with their colleagues in the industry
Often clients come after unsuccessful attempts. Understanding this allows the creative team to come to the brief with the right questions, already immersed in your context.

A Clear Proposal

The commercial proposal details the scope of work: each stage has a goal - you understand what it is, those responsible for the work are specified - you understand who is doing what, and the result is indicated - you have a clear idea of what you will receive in the end. And without complex terms. You understand every word.

To get a quality corporate style, you can contact a well-known agency. This is reliable - they do not need to be verified for authenticity, but also expensive - such agencies charge a markup for authority. Less well-known agencies will quote you lower prices, and they will have more motivation to show themselves - everyone wants to add a cool, well-thought-out case to their portfolio. However, you will have to spend time to understand that you are dealing with an honest player. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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