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mall identity

Galeria Mall is the most popular shopping spot in Saint Petersburg. However the new brand positioning tends to shift from selling to art. More workshops by professionals in the sphere of painting, fashion, music and so on. More trend shows and exhibitions on the mall territory. From now on the mall will become a space for all those who wants to buy favourite brands and discover something new in the sphere of art.

the goal was:

to design new visual communication for the top shopping mall in Saint Petersburg

we did:

  • — identity
  • — outdoor advertising
  • — social media
  • — promo materials
  • — 3D-vizualisation

personal profit:

we realized how much we miss shopping

of emotions

Galeria Mall has long ago became a landmark. The building itself became iconic and its shape is recognized by many citizens and tourists. That's why we designed a concept based on the mall silhouette. Thousands of people visit Galeria every day, so the communication shall be clear to a wide audience. To accomplish this task, we made the mall's new style as flexible as possible and scaled it to all types of media.

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