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Brand identity

The modern image of the brand is a thoughtful design system that reflects values and is easily applied in everyday tasks.

Brand identity is the first impression about the company, which can tell about the status, about the activity or about its relation to its audience.

To implement the brand identity, we take into account the vision of your team, collect information about competitors and consumers, and evaluate trends in the industry. This allows you to develop an identity that speaks to your vision and benefits.

Brand identity helps to:
  • launch a new company
  • carry out a rebranding
  • create a single design system
  • organize all your desing assets
  • create added value for your product

Work stages

Step 1. Design research.
Context and trends
Researching the product.
Studying the visuals of competitors.
Finding best practices.
Preparation of data visualization: assessing competitors by color schemes and nature of communication.
Style development
Determination of company values and stylistic restrictions.
Creating a color scheme.
Description of the role model: how the chosen model reflects the company’s vision.
Offering font direction: options for typography development.
Step 2. Naming.
Creating a list of titles using Mind Map.
Preliminary check at the patent office according to the classes of the Nice Classification.
Step 3. Identity.
Design concepts
Metaphor: setting the starting point for the style development.
Color graphics: setting the mood and one of the main sources of emotions.
Photo style: showing how the brand sees the world around it.
Visual: creating a visual code — logo, corporate elements, grids and iconography.
Typography: creating a handwriting that reflects the character.
Tone of Voice: setting the style of communication between the brand and the consumer.
Style adaptation
Layout design: making visuals with up-to-date information.
Scaling: creating layouts for different sizes, taking into account technical features.
Systematization: setting standards for use and creating templates.
Development of layouts: preparing layouts in accordance with technical requirements.
Project team
Work result

based on emotion
Your brand identity will convey benefits that are more memorable and attract attention. By evoking emotions, you can establish a strong connection with your target audience.
modern image
Research helps you understand what's currently relevant for brand identity in your industry, so during the concept development phase you get solutions that work for your field.
design guideline
With well-prepared and structured layouts, you can quickly integrate a design system into your business and transfer the design to production and achieve the expected outcome.

Why should you order a brand identity?

We use a research approach, studying the hidden motives of the audience, and work out in detail each stage of creation and implementation.

Features of our approach are in-depth analysis and creative thinking. Thanks to them, we unite the brand and its audience into a single organism.

Project examples

While developing the identity for the logistics company Redek, we made the value of the cargo itself the basis of the concept, endowing it with emotional properties. The main element is not graphics, but phrases that tell about Redek's attitude to the cargo of its customers.
view project
We have developed an identity for the architectural concrete manufacturer Uniqstone. We used the idea of creative innovation as opposed to the usual positioning through quality in order to stand out from other market players.
view project
For the tourist complex "Wild Path" the identity included the creation of three individual looks for each object of the complex, but united by a common idea.
view project

How much does it cost?

The cost is determined individually based on a preliminary online/offline briefing with you.

The final cost is determined by the timing, scope, and complexity and starts at 10,000 US dollars.

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