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identity of the transport company

The Redek company carries various types of cargo. This small company tends to speak one language with its customers avoiding complicated terms and needless expertise. It starts with a manager's welcome talk during the first contact and ends with final words of moving men when stuff is delivered. To highlight this style of communication we designed the identity based not on the graphics but the lines, showcasing the Redek's attitude towards its customers' stuff.

the goal was:

to design identity for the logistic company

we did:

  • — corporate identity
  • — design solutions

personal profit:

we learned that moving can be fun

with a human face

Trucks, movement, routes. Classic associations with logistics. However, the customers firstly need their stuff to reach destination undamaged and on time. That's why personal items became the center of the identity and ad lines. We made items' descriptions emotional to emphasize how important they are to owners. Graphically we use simplified forms shaping a truck. Atypical wording and base graphics draw Redek closer to end customers.

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