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smm-promotion of jewelry factory

In continuation of the branding of the Grant jewelry factory, we have developed a promotion of the company on Instagram. Reaching the b2c audience was a new step in the development of the brand, and we needed to effectively build up from competitors. As a solution, we used a mix of aesthetic content that speaks for itself, and informational posts that were designed to introduce women to the plant's products and immerse them in its values. Despite the elitism of the brand's products, modern communication requires modern solutions, so our team has developed and implemented an integrated approach to brand representation in social networks.

the goal was

promote the jewelry factory brand on Instagram

found problem

jewelry brands in social networks often focus on showing the product, but forget that jewelry is part of a whole image

we did

  • – smm-management
  • – design solutions

dimension of new images

Instagram is a source of inspiration when creating new images. And we decided not just to talk about new collections and promotions, but to immerse the girls in the special world of the Grant brand, where each piece of jewelry has its own story. So the key visual image became landscapes, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and where you can stay on one with your desires and thoughts. The created communication in the account was aimed at the feeling that you are falling into other dimensions: not fantastic, but different from the usual environment, as well as Grant decorations.

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