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Social media marketing

Social networks allow you to create a platform for useful communication with consumers and determine a plan for long-term development of the brand.

SMM is a complex service that allows you to build an image, conduct a dialogue with subscribers and organize brand promotion. Social networks are one of the tools for two-way communication in the digital environment, allowing you to talk about the company more openly and friendly.

A presence on social networks is necessary for everyone who wants the audience to hear about your product: small, medium and large businesses.

Social media marketing helps to:
  • expand market share to attract new customers
  • enhance competitiveness
  • promote new products
  • strengthen the image and loyalty of customers
  • increase the engagement of subscribers
  • increase sales through leads
  • create added value for your product

Work stages

Step 1. Strategy.
Brand Analysis
Define the current visual and creative concepts.
Recording the strengths and weaknesses of the product and the current SMM.
Setting goals and objectives for promotion.
Competitor analysis
Studying the content and positioning of competitors and researching their promotion system.
Identifying best practices.
Conducting a demographic analysis of competitors and preparing their archetypes.
Conducting statistical analysis of the niche.
Audience analysis
Segmentation and profiling of consumers using empathy maps.
Conducting psychographic analysis characterizing the consumer’s lifestyle.
Consumer segmentation using Sherrington’s technique.
Identifying subsegments and forming the peculiarities of perception of each of them.
Step 2. Creative.
Creative concept
Coming up with creative ideas.
Studying the possibilities of adaptation for different platforms, taking into account the audience and interface capabilities.
Content strategy
Giving character to the content.
Formation of headings in accordance with the concept.
Development of ToV for community management.
Visual concept
Offering the visual design.
Elaboration of general design principles.
Step 3. Social network management.
Content plan
Brainstorming ideas.
Arranging them into topics and headings.
Creating a content plan.
Thinking over types, formats and frequency of posting.
Generate content
Writing engaging texts.
Preparing attractive visuals.
Moderation: posting posts, responding to comments, receiving feedback.
Step 4. Promotion.
Targeted ads
Formation of classroom and creative hypotheses.
Preparing promotion formats.
esearch of basic promotion settings, budget calculation, determination of KPIs for ads.
Other advertising channels
Compiling a selection of alternative promotional tools.
Studying selected usage formats for each tool.
Describing the details of working with the tool.
Defining Influencer Marketing objectives.
Reputation management.
Conducting seeding in social media channels.
Project team
Work result

relevant content
Content created with audience perception in mind.
visual appearance
New visuals and content for social media that will capture attention.
promotion guide
Promotion system, attracting new and retaining existing target audience representatives.

Why should you order a smm?

We use a research approach, studying the hidden motives of the audience, and work out in detail each stage of creation and implementation.

Features of our approach are in-depth analysis and creative thinking. Thanks to them, we unite the brand and its audience into a single organism.

Project examples

In order to organize SMM business promotion for Alfa Leasing, we also updated the social media identity to convey a sense of progressiveness. To do this, we decided to enhance the appearance of the company in social networks to the level of futurism with the help of a neural network, as it perfectly creates forms that bear little resemblance to earthly ones.
view project
In continuation of the branding of the Grant jewelry factory, we worked on promoting the company in the social. networks. As a solution, we used a mix of aesthetics and informational posts that were designed to introduce women to the products of the plant and immerse them in its values.
view project
Having developed packaging for Matches palettes, we switched to the SMM promotion service. Taking the bright packaging style as a basis, we transferred the collage story to social media and kept the bright mood of Matches. And the friendly intonation of communication was aimed at zoomers as the main audience.
view project

How much does it cost?

The cost is determined individually based on a preliminary online/offline briefing with you.

The final cost is determined by the timing, scope, and complexity and starts at 6,000 US dollars.

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