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for auto leasing

Alfa-Leasing is one of the main players in the car leasing market. This leadership is based on modern service, current offers and the ability to predict trends in the category. Brand social networks are an important point of contact with the audience, where customers read the brand as progressive and status. We have updated the identity in the company's accounts to strengthen these qualities.

client`s task

update the design of social networks


style does not fully reflect the progressive approach to the service

we did

  • — design solutions

aesthetics of the future

In order to convey a sense of progressiveness through the design, we decided to strengthen it to the level of futurism. To do this, a neural network was used, because it perfectly creates forms that are not very similar to terrestrial ones. Initially, we were inspired by abstract options, then for different categories we combined them with technological elements and different types of techniques. So we got an orderly but diverse design.

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