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smm-brand promotion of pallets

Having developed the packaging for the Matches brand of pallets, we moved on to promotion, which was based on Instagram. For the beauty industry, this is one of the key channels, and there is a high competition of cosmetic brands. In this regard, we needed to emphasize the brand account from the general stream of content in the feed. Taking the bright packaging style as a basis, we moved the collage story to Instagram and preserved the bright mood of Matches. And the friendly intonation of communication was aimed at the zoomers as the main audience of the project.

the goal was

promote the brand of palettes on Instagram

found problem

the young audience is ready to experiment in makeup, but brands in social networks purposefully do not offer examples of images

we did

  • — social media marketing
  • — design solutions

brightness is timeless

The theme of personalization is a red line through the entire Matches brand. And Instagram is a great platform for self-expression. Spectacular makeup that can be created with the help of Matches palettes, interesting details in style and unusual bows formed the basis of posts and stories. All this was supplemented with elements of flora and funny stickers - attributes popular with modern girls. Communication with subscribers was conducted in an easy manner, using the slang of zoomers, so that the brand was perceived as a like-minded person and wanted to share their emotions with him.

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