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box of fluffy sheep

“I be I me” is a young ecological farm, located in the picturesque site of Karelian Isthmus. Here, our cozy household became home for 30 goats and 19 sheep. We take health, nutrition, and emotional state of each lodger very seriously, and treat the matter with great care. In return, the animals give us milk with natural ingredients and rich taste. In our dairy farm household, we produce kefir, yogurt, quark, and several types of cheese. We put a special ingredient into all of our products — a piece of the heart of our small and friendly “I be I me” farm.

the goal was

to design packaging for dairy products

we did

  • — packaging design
  • — illustration
  • — naming

personal profit

we learned why Hippocrates and Avicenna loved drinking goat milk, and what type of cheese is made from sheep milk only

the land of milk and...even more milk

We decided to use the texture of milk to convey images of animals: their outlines appear through the overflowing beverage. To separate two kinds of product, we used green and sky blue colors. This color choice enabled us to form a strong association with nature and eco-friendly lifestyle. The personable style of typography and animal characters perfectly reflects the family-oriented values of the brand.


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