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Packaging design

Packaging is the basic advertising medium for your product that can sell itself without any additional investment in advertising.

Most often, the consumer interacts with the company through the packaging of the goods. After all, a person may never visit the site, not be a subscriber in social networks, and even never see his ads. But at a merchandise rack or flipping through cards in an online store, he can become your customer if he likes the packaging.

Product packaging is not just a modern spectacular picture. When creating, we take into account the advantages of the product, collect information about competitors and the audience, and evaluate trends in the industry. This allows you to create packaging that conveys your vision and benefits.

Packaging design helps to:
  • stand out from your competitors
  • maintain brand awareness
  • differentiate your products
  • increase the convenience of consumption and transportation
  • create added value for your product

Work stages

Step 1. Design research.
Context and trends
Researching the product.
Studying the visuals of competitors.
Carrying out a search for best practices.
Preparation of data visualization: assessing competitors by color schemes and nature of communication.
Style development
Determination of company values and stylistic restrictions.
Offering visual design.
Creating a color scheme.
Description of the role model: how the chosen model reflects the company’s vision.
Offering font direction: options for typography development.
Step 2. Naming.
Creating a list of titles using Mind Map.
Preliminary check at the patent office according to the classes of the Nice Classification.
Step 3. Package design.
Design concepts
Metaphor: designating the starting point of brand style development.
Color graphics: setting the mood and one of the main sources of brand emotions.
Visual system: creating a visual code - brand elements, grids and iconography, logo development.
Typography: creating a signature that reflects the character of the brand.
Visual hierarchy: identifying the main and secondary blocks, finding a general compositional solution, preparing graphic techniques that enhance accents.
Style adaptation
Layout design: making visuals with up-to-date information.
Scaling: development of layouts for different sizes, taking into account technical features.
Systematization: setting standards for use and creating templates.
Development of layouts: preparing layouts in accordance with technical requirements.
Project team
Work result

based on emotion
Your visual design will convey the benefits to be better remembered and capture attention. By evoking strong emotions, you can establish a strong connection with your target audience.
modern image
Research helps understand what is currently relevant in packaging design within your industry, so during the concept phase, you receive solutions effective for your field.
design guideline
With well-prepared and structured layouts, you can easily transfer the design to production and achieve the expected outcome.

Why should you order a packaging design?

We use a research approach, studying the hidden motives of the audience, and work out in detail each stage of creation and implementation.

Features of our approach are in-depth analysis and creative thinking. Thanks to them, we unite the brand and its audience into a single organism.

Project examples

For premium seed producer Seedline, we promoted growing plants as a form of meditation and even a way of life through the look of the package. The concept was based on the theme of detailing - this is an unusual plasticity in typography, and a barely noticeable element in the form of a sprout, and design materials in the packaging itself.
view project
When developing packaging for the new brand of lemonades "Drimus", we took into account the fact that the entire line is made from Vietnamese fruits. To make lemonade stand out on the shelf, we not only made a bright design, but also worked out the naming of each flavor in the overall line. And in order to stand out from the competition, they abandoned the image of fruits and replaced them with unusual illustrations.
view project
We have created a packaging design for the Adam & Eva hookah tobacco brand. To emphasize the absence of any flavors, we used a minimum number of elements in the design of the front of the package. And through complex printed post-processing, they conveyed the authenticity of taste. We also prepared a positioning strategy for the brand, a brand platform, corporate illustrations and promotional visualizations.
view project

How much does it cost?

The cost is determined individually based on a preliminary online/offline briefing with you.

The final cost is determined by the timing, scope, and complexity and starts at 8,000 US dollars.

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