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seed packaging

We are used to the fact that home plants are sold already in a "ready-made" form. And what if you want to grow something beautiful from scratch, from the very first seed? Seedline is a brand created for those who not only love home and ornamental plants, but treat them with special trepidation and care. Our task was to develop a packaging design that will clearly show that growing plants is a special form of meditation and even a way of life.

the goal was

develop a packaging design for a premium seed producer


there is no concept of “premium category seeds”, neither the audience nor the client has any idea what the product should look like

we did

  • — packaging design
  • — design solutions

nuances from nature

Caring for ornamental plants requires care and patience from the owner. On the way to the cherished form, he will have to study a lot of details. It is the topic of detail that we laid the basis of the concept. This is an unusual plastic in typography, and a barely noticeable element in the form of a sprout, and design materials in the packaging itself. Looking at such a design solution, on the one hand, we see a clear image and a minimum of details as a symbol of focus on the goal. On the other hand, there are many small nuances that reflect the multi-stage and subtlety of the entire growing process.

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