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hookah tabacco packaging

Modern culture of hookah smoking is mostly set for flavoured tobacco. Those who like such ways to relax have no idea that they can get new experiences not only through various ingredients. Thus the non-aromatic tobacco of "Adam & Eva" offers the genuine tobacco flavour created by the nature itself. To proceed with the idea of temptation in design we emphasized its uniqueness and distinctiveness apart from other tobaccos in the market.

the goal was

to design packaging design hookah tobacco

we did

  • — design research
  • — packaging design
  • — brand illustration
  • — promo-visualisation

personal profit

we found out that wine and non-aromatic tobacco have a lot in common

century-old power
of legends

To emphasize zero aromas we decided to use minimum design elements on the front side of the package, and convey the authenticity of flavour through complex print post-processing. On the side we placed detailed illustration with a popular motive designed specifically for this product. The engraving style mirrors the focus of this tobacco for a more sophisticated audience.

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