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The Nemoloko brand is known for its vegetable base, which distinguishes its range from conventional dairy products. The company is constantly expanding its line, and soy-based yogurts have become one of them. To reflect the naturalness and at the same time the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant taste, we have developed a creative concept to promote the product.

the goal was

create an advertising creative with an emphasis on naturalness


it’s easy to get lost in the topic of naturalness among ordinary yogurts

we did

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the image of naturalness

There is no more understandable association with naturalness than natural greenery. But that is why it has already been used by other brands many times. In order to preserve the ease of association and not to repeat with competitors, we resorted to the technique of combining two objects. A young girl is a symbol of slimness, and green foliage is a symbol of naturalness and naturalness. The neural network copes best with the task of combining. At the first stage, we started looking for a suitable image.

creating a message

Next, we integrated the modified image into the final layout and created a suitable message. Nemoloko yogurts are not just created on a plant basis, but are a truly healthy product. The image of a girl in a dress made of leaves enlivens the abstract concept of naturalness and gives it a physical form. In other words, it is the embodiment of naturalness.

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