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lemonades packaging

Today, in the shops in the soda department, you can find the most unusual tastes. The brand of lemonades "Dreamus" was created to support the current trend in order to take its place in the list of preferences of lovers of exotic combinations. The entire line is based on fruits from Vietnam, which is the main feature of the product. To highlight the lemonade on the shelf, we decided not only to make a bright design, but also to give unusual names to the flavors.

the goal was

design the packaging of exotic lemonades

found problem

lemonade packages on the shelf often look very minimalistic, which complicates the choice for the buyer among similar designs

we did

  • — product packaging
  • — design solutions

taste exotic

Exotic tastes themselves imply a bright design. But in order to give the brand fullness and distinguish it from competitors, we abandoned the image of fruits and replaced them with unusual illustrations. Each of them is designed not so much to indicate tastes, as to give the viewer a sense of their novelty and exoticism. A magical tree, a gloomy castle, a tropical hut and a pirate ship — these images are not directly related to the topic of drinks, but they raise the question "What is this taste about?"in my head. So we want to attract lemonade lovers to try "Dreamus".

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