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development of a branded sticker pack

At our agency, we regularly create useful content for our social media followers. But entertaining is not so often. After thinking a little about how to pamper our audience, we decided to make stickers for Telegram. We developed our own hero, and subscribers received an unusual hero in their emoji collections. You can add here.


design a sticker pack that you want to add to your collection


most stickers on Telegram look good but are the same in terms of style


  • —Design Solution

strange and cute

Here we went from the principle of "we have not seen this." We conducted a small study of the current styles in TG. They highlighted saturated and bright colors, the predominance of cute you, cartoon inflated style, low detail of images. To be clear to the mass audience, we stayed within the framework of cartoons, but in the final we went against the system: we chose American cartoons of the 30s and 50s from Fleischer Studios, Disney and the recent Cuphead for our aesthetics. Where the atmosphere of strangeness and even madness permeated every frame.

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