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packaging of jewelry spoons

Jewelry is meant not only for grownups. And not only for beautifying oneself. A baby is often gifted with a spoon when having the first teeth. As a rule it's a silver spoon, though it is a belief itself that matters today, and not the material. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the event we designed the packaging concept for a bronze spoon.

the goal was

to design packaging for a jewelry spoon

we did

  • — packaging design
  • — brand illustration
  • — 3D-visualization

personal profit

we watched “Bambi” cartoon right at work

fluffy joy

The image of a deer is universally a positive symbol in the majority of world cultures. It mainly associates with procreation and newbornness, which was the reason for us to use it in a packaging of baby jewelry spoons. Plus, Bambi's red colour is a fine reference to the bronze tone of the product.

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