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identity of architectural concrete

Uniqston company is engaged in the production of architectural concrete, which combines extensive opportunities for decorative projects and the durability of the material. This solution is not a novelty in the category of landscaping and interior solutions, but at the moment competitors often position themselves only with the help of quality product parameters. The brand came to us with a formulated brand platform, and we were tasked with reflecting the designated values in the identity and promotional materials.

the goal was

develop an identity for a new brand of architectural concrete

identified problem

the possibilities of architectural concrete are not obvious to the designer-decorator, and it is necessary to convey its constructive and aesthetic properties

we did

  • — corporate identity
  • — design solutions

an identity with which everyone can create

The key value of the brand is creative innovation. In order to reveal at the same time a decorative component for designers and a new look at the use of concrete, we decided that Uniqston needed a non-standard identity. Usually styles based on corporate patterns are either limited to 1-2 variants of the pattern, or go into an infinite variety. We decided to combine the 2 extremes and implemented a huge number of patterns, but set them a clear framework of the project style. As a result, any pattern of several dozen easily identifies the Uniqston brand, and each designer can create a new one based on them, i.e. create by working with style. At the same time, the logo supports the theme of an unlimited variety of forms and solutions, drawing its inspiration from one of the main symbols of infinity — the Mobius strip.


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