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Kitchen is considered to be the heart of any home, it defines its stylistics, communicates mood of all family members and inspires with its every detail. This led to the idea of creating cutting boards that not only are nice on the touch, eco-friendly and easy to use, but also fully participate in every kitchen's interior. And since future cutting boards were meant to convey the entire philosophy, they required a distinctive name and aesthetic design.

the goal was:

develop brand of modern cutting boards

we did:

  • — comprehensive branding
  • — product packaging
  • — design solutions
  • — digital solutions

personal profit:

we explored the Swedes’ philosophy of happiness and circulating of polyurethane in nature

philosophy of life
in one word

In product design we determined to convey the environmental aspect of the board material, polyurethane. With that in mind, we made the board itself and a dimple on its surface leaf-shaped — as a symbol of environmental friendliness in terms of not only production but also further product life cycle. The packaging was designed as an envelope with stamps on it — Wilma's message to every home.

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