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conceptual advertising: is it possible to do it without a strategy?

Quality creative is the key to successful advertising. Many experts say that creating it requires a strategy based on research. But is it necessary to spend resources on a strategy if the ultimate goal is a cool creative? Let's figure it out together.

What is quality creative?

We create any creative through methodologies, through an understanding of the main values and meanings that we want to convey with its help. The quality of the creative depends, first of all, on the team: their experience, expertise, tools, and teamwork. However, these factors alone are not enough to create truly successful creative.

Successful creative is the best visual and verbal solution to the set task, which conveys the message to the audience in a way that is understandable to them, while attracting attention and being memorable. Its essence reflects three important criteria: resonance, message, and image. This means that quality creative should clearly convey the meaning and message embedded in it, create a close and understandable image for the audience, while standing out among competitors and capturing the consumer's attention.

Examples of quality creative

Advertising is the end product through which we perceive brand images and messages. The meaning of advertising is the result of a smart strategy. With its help, we identify and shape the message that we invest in the product's advertising. Let's take a look at examples of quality creative.

IKEA — "There are things more important than things" advertising

In the advertising campaign, the brand uses the consumer's biggest value.

Brand is all about people's feelings - we always think about what to buy for our home and how to earn money for it. But at the same time, we pay too little attention to these things. After all, what's important for us is to feel good at home, and the environment only helps with that.

The greatest value is sincere moments of life inside the home. The video reminds the audience that in the most important moments, they don't think about things, so there's no need to obsess over them - just enjoy the moment.

Heinz - advertising campaign in honor of National Hot Dog Day


For over 60 years, National Hot Dog Day has been celebrated on July 23 in the United States. To coincide with this event, Heinz created a petition for the creation of a package of hot dog buns that includes 10 pieces instead of the standard 8.

The reason for this is that Americans love hot dogs and cook them for the whole family, but every time they use up all the buns and are left with extra sausages, as there are exactly 10 of them in a pack. This annoys people. Heinz launched the petition to equalize the number of buns in the package with the number of sausages.

The key message of this advertising campaign is that "consumer convenience is the most important thing".

Why a strategy is needed

Successful creativity is closely linked to the concept of the Big Idea, which is a creative idea that reflects the advertising message and breaks through the information noise to reach the consciousness of consumers. To develop a big idea, we need a key advertising message.

For us, a communication strategy is an investigation that allows us to understand how, to whom, and what a brand should say. These data help to reveal the brand and demonstrate its features and advantages to the consumer in advertising. In other words, the strategy leads us to understand which audience to attract and how to do it best, and the creative translates our formulated message into a suitable visual form.

Meaning, Image, Resonance

Let's take a look at the 3 main criteria for quality creative.


To invest the right meaning in the creative, you can use your own client experience, but what if you develop a strategy? A strategy will help develop a smart and clear brand message that will be key in advertising and help satisfy the client's request in the best way.


To create an image that is close to the audience, you can use a brief description of the client's consumer, but what if you develop a strategy? With the help of a strategy, we will understand what is important for the target audience, how to work with it, which images and actions are close to it, and also get a detailed portrait of the consumer. This detailed approach greatly increases the chance of hitting the right audience image and improves the quality of future creative.


To make the creative stand out among competitors and make it resonate, we need to surprise the audience. Yes, this can be done with visuals, but people are much more attracted to advertising with a specific, relevant message. When we see a Nike ad, we are not surprised by bright creative, but rather impressed by the deep meaning and motivation. That's exactly what advertising should be - evoking emotions, feelings, and empathy.

Creative based on deep analysis and research has a much better chance of appealing to the target audience. Advertising with good creative leaves the consumer feeling cared for and attended to, not as though they are being forcibly sold a product. Behind these advertising campaigns lies the hard work of analysts and strategists who understand how to help the brand find an approach to the audience and help the creator make truly thoughtful and resonant creative.


The strategy helps us to create a creative not only as a visually attractive picture but also to convey the main message of the brand. Therefore, to make an advertising campaign effective, it is necessary to base the creation of the creative on analysis, research, and work according to a plan.

Our team creates a communication strategy that will be beneficial for the brand and its consumer. We don't just create visually appealing creative, we help to find the audience that needs your product and develop communication that is close to them.

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