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identity for street sea-food

Hungry Siren is a picturesque far-eastern street food with a seafood menu only. Here they offer you a brand-name fish & chips with Pacific cod, burgers with famous king crab and dozen of starters with all sorts of local water inhabitants.

the goal was

to create brand identity for a new sea street food

we did

  • — brand identity
  • — packaging design
  • – corporate clothing design

personal profit

we learned how Siren became a harsh version of a mermaid out of half-woman half-bird, and what is the classic recipe for fish & chips batter

neither Melusine, nor Ariel

Modern image of Siren is starring in the brand identity design, representing a mermaid with ironical shrimp tail and a trident carelessly thrown over her shoulder. For menu and packaging we created branded illustrations of residents of an underwater kingdom.

design research

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