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coffee packaging

The taste of coffee, born and grown in Africa, resembles an art gallery. As its bouquet unfolds, it becomes richer and spicier, carrying aromas of rough wine and warm fruit notes. Dogon Tellem leisurely conveys its brand story, telling about cultural values of the hottest continent, coffee tasting process and eclecticism of coffee tastes.

the goal was

to design coffee brand packaging dedicated to exotic things and naturalness lovers

we did

  • — packaging design
  • — naming

personal profit

we learned to distinguish African tribes by patterns on totem masks

authentic forms

The source of inspiration for packaging design was traditional masks and African tribal figurines, in particular, the figurines of Dogon Tellem people. Today they are particularly valuable among admirers of African continent culture. Mythical figures, created by ancient tribes, adorn the front side of the packaging, in some way being a marker of classification of types of coffee.


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