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with a taste of irony

Quality souvenir products capturing and carrying the essence of national culture characteristics are so hard to find these days. But Dutch brand Gezellig met the challenge with flying colours. A small manufactory produces chocolate bars with iconic flavours that distinguish them from every other country sweets.

the goal was

to design chocolate products packaging for all the sweet-toothed experimenters and unconventional gifts lovers

we did

  • — packaging design
  • — illustrations
  • — naming

personal profit

we stopped buying candies in the office vending machine and started saving money for a trip to Amsterdam

flora and fauna

The line offers three flavors: dark chocolate with Edam cheese flavor, milk chocolate with hemp seeds, and white chocolate with juniper berries (the latter being used in the manufacturing of traditional Dutch drink, jenever). The packaging design we created illustrates animals interacting with the flavor objects: a mouse strutting with a piece of cheese, a cat enjoying some milk and a bird eating berries.

design research

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