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jewelry branding

Grant Jewelry Factory has been producing gold jewelry in the diamond category for more than 20 years. The main feature of the client's team is the desire for continuous development: updating equipment, training employees and partners, creating additional service for customers. The key task for our team was to create a brand that will be able to consolidate its position in the b2b segment and effectively develop in the b2c market. The first part of the task required us to systematize the current advantages of the factory, and the second was solved through the study of trends and profitable niches in the Russian jewelry market.

the goal was

develop branding of a jewelry factory

identified problem

the brand has high quality parameters of products, but there is not enough emotional component to enter the b2c segment

we did

  • — branding
  • — brand platform
  • — corporate identity
  • — design solutions
  • — digital solutions

the evolution of the image

To lay the emotional core for the brand, we conducted a study of the audience, where we found out that modern girls are used to a wide variety of jewelry and the ability to choose from a variety of options. Taking into account the demands of customers for every detail in their images and the willingness to spend more time searching for the right solution, we made the product search process the basis of the concept. Having endowed the brand with the traits of a Seeker, he encourages you to experience new experiences and find your own image with Grant products. This is how the silhouette of the portal was born, which translates the main value of the brand — the opportunity to feel yourself in a new image and live a new experience.

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