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paint manufacturer identity

The Komandor brand of paint and varnish materials has been known for its high quality on the market since 2006. The company combines time-tested production solutions with modern technologies. Komandor always looks ahead, and one of the strategic steps to update the brand was the redesign of the corporate identity. Giving the value of traditions a modern look has become a key goal of the project.

the goal was:

redesign the corporate identity
paint brand

the identified problem

the current design of the company does not reflect the brand values and does not correspond to the appearance of a modern brand

we did

  • — identity
  • — design solutions

in a sea of colors

Commander — an old naval rank, whose duties included the management of detachments of ships. This is a well-deserved leader who is ready to lead and be an example for others. The theme of the sea maps formed the basis of the visual concept and successfully coincided with the textures of the spilling colors. So we gave the brand the status of a reference point by which to choose paint. And the use of pastel beige and rich turquoise in the color palette refers us to the combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies.

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