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packaging of a palette of shadows

You will fall madly in love with the eye shadow palette if it 100% fits you. And it would be great to find one that was created specifically for you. MATCHES is a customizable eyeshadow palette. Beauty experts choose shadow colors to match your preferences, mood, and face type. In such a collaboration with the brand, pure love is born.

the goal was:

develop the packaging of a palette of shadows for the young and energetic ones

we did:

  • — product packaging
  • — design solutions

personal profit:

signed up for Tinder and experienced all joys of swiping right

сongratulations, It’s a Match!

The most desired phrase on Tinder is «It’s a Match». It flashes on the screen in case of mutual Swipe Right. A Match is a date, a coincidence, and a couple. And it quite organically settled in the brand name. Collage technique in corporate identity — an allusion to the audience’s versatility and uniqueness. You can choose the palette cover that will win the girl's heart more than others.

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