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branding of decorative coatings

Metoplax is a brand of decorative liquid metal coatings. Attention! Not based on liquid metal, but namely made of it. During decoration an item is covered with a thin layer of metal and begins to look like iron, gold, zinc, etc. There is a whole line of textures. While designing brand identity and packaging, it was important to maintain Metoplax' open approach to doing business and emphasize the decorative aspect of the brand.

the goal was:

develop a comprehensive branding for a manufacturer of liquid metal coatings

we did:

  • — comprehensive branding
  • — corporate identity
  • — product packaging
  • — design solutions

personal profit:

found out that magic spell about turning objects into metallic can be one-component

balance of rules and creativity

The key audience of the product is decorators. When developing the brand image, we abandoned the industrial history and focused on elegant fonts, subtle patterns and a black-and-white color scheme. The corporate style is made using cardboard with a metallic sheen, as the main translator of the company's activities. The pattern is based on the logo, which in a multiplied form clearly shows the polymerization process, i.e. the "metallization" of the coating.

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