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art project "Zdraviy Smisl"

Poster graphics act as a visual concept. The posters symbolize the rapid development of events like an action-packed series and show each of us as the hero of a new episode. Any statement is filled with details and hidden meanings. In ours, we have divided the images into 3 levels of clarity: well-known images, key symbols and references for the most attentive viewers. We are confident that the project will help people find answers in the face of constantly changing events.

the goal was:

create an art project that will support people in difficult times

we did

  • — design solutions

personal profit

once again, we were convinced that complex topics can be revealed through a creative vision

the new world needs a hero

A couple of months ago, the world changed. Now work, creativity and whole spheres of life are within the limits of restrictions, including internal ones. Openly declare your position or keep your opinion to yourself, watch the outgoing brands or look for opportunities — the peak of tension has passed, but these questions still worry many of us. We created the project "Common Sense" in order to remind you of the importance of an adequate assessment of the situation and the ability to influence your life regardless of external factors.

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