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anti-crisis campaign
for a bakery

Many bakeries and bakeries now, like most businesses, are in a situation where they are forced to raise prices for products. The St. Petersburg brand "Loaf of Bread" has always treated its customers carefully, but external factors have also affected its business. In order to inform about the price increase and to keep a sincere and warm mood in the bakery's communication, we have developed messages in a friendly and, most importantly, engaging tone.

the goal was

justify the increase in product prices and maintain customer loyalty

identified problem

brands in crisis are very concerned about the preservation of business, but forget about their role in the lives of customers

we did

  • — communication strategy
  • — design solutions

with an emphasis
on pleasure

Prices are always a hot topic for discussion. Not to say about it means to conceal the important. To apologize is to admit impotence. In the course of the research, we found that customers always value honesty in communicating with the brand. It is expressed in an open dialogue about the ongoing changes, the desire to understand the client's situation. Therefore, we decided to keep the wording related to money in the messages, but shifted the focus to the benefits that the "Loaf of Bread" brings to the lives of its guests: it gives them delicious little joys. The theme of mini pleasures became a key one when creating a company and allowed us to convey a complex topic through a reminder of the role of the brand in life in a big city.

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