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positioning of clothing stores

Mark Formelle is a clothing brand from Belarus. The company enters the market of St. Petersburg and it needs to immediately gain a foothold in the minds of residents of the Northern capital. The brand has a successful positioning based on the concept of irony, and our team was tasked with developing the positioning of Mark Formelle in St. Petersburg, preserving this value. In the process of studying the portrait of modern Petersburgers, we have identified key associations associated with irony. One of the main features of local residents is to distinguish themselves through a high level of culture, which was confirmed at the stage of audience analysis. But if earlier museums and exhibitions were a favorite place, today the emphasis has shifted towards places where many leisure activities are combined — in art clusters. We developed the idea of a creative space inside the store.

the goal was

develop positioning for the clothing brand specifically for St. Petersburg buyers

the identified

for residents of St. Petersburg, cultural leisure and a stylish image are often not separable, but few clothing brands encourage the creativity of residents

we did

  • — communication strategy
  • — shop identity
  • — design solutions

the atmosphere of creativity

Taking the concept of a creative cluster as a basis, we went to study their device, key features, and decorative elements in more detail. These are very bright and creative places. To convey their atmosphere, it took changes in the interior of the store. We needed to create a space with the chosen entourage, which means that characteristic elements should surround us to find a buyer. So we divided the store into 3 key zones. First: the tree at the entrance and decorative greenery create the feeling of walking in the park. Second: a photo zone with brickwork, where creative posters will hang and events from the brand can be announced. Third: a transparent cube as an art object that attracts attention and gives the whole space a more creative atmosphere. Entering such a store, every guest will be able to feel like a new art cluster from Mark Formelle.

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