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identity for logistic cpmpany

OlimpTrans is a logistic company mainly focusing on automobile transportations. For the past 14 years in the cargo transportation market OlimpTrans company turned from a service provider into an actual partner to its clients. And it hasn’t stood still, literally or figuratively. There appeared an opportunity of going to the western market, and the company started with rebranding.

the goal was

to renew brand identity of the logistic company

we did

  • — logo
  • — brand identity
  • — promo

personal profit

we learned what “rigging” is and why medicines are rather to be transported in insulated vans

on the way to success

The core of the concept is moving together towards a common goal. This message is translated through parallel lines forming a circle — this symbolizes that the goals of the company and its clients are the one. Such logo is distinguished by lightness and integrity, and finely combines with the company’s motto “Uniting towards the goal”.

Colour solution for brand identity design is also no accident. Purple colour is hardly used in the logistic market — it brings freshness and progressiveness to the brand, as well as makes it stand out in the general traffic flow.


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