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communication strategy for a charitable foundation

Advita is a St. Petersburg charitable foundation that has been helping people with cancer for more than 20 years. He is known for a personalized approach to each case and a progressive attitude to charity. The AdVita team turned to us with the task of telling about the activities of the foundation to a modern young audience and attracting regular donors. We conducted a study and found out that pity and fear, popular in advertising in this area, only worsen the attitude towards funds. To tell about the importance of helping those in need in modern language, we decided to make charity a natural part of the urban environment and a useful habit.

the goal was

develop a communication strategy for a charitable foundation

found problem

people are ready to help foundations with donations, but they do not see the point in helping through small amounts

we did

  • — communication strategy
  • — promotion strategy
  • — design solutions
  • — digital solutions

help as a way of life

Charity has an aura of heroism and virtue around it. But this is what prevents many people from "venturing" on it. After the formulation of the problem, we decided that we needed to shift the focus from a deep sense of empathy and the search for meaning to the development of a new habit in the audience. Today, many of us are subscribed to something. Music, movies, food and clothing delivery services. We accept subscriptions as a way of life: it is convenient and, as a rule, inexpensive. Services make our lives easier. But besides taking and consuming, we like to help other people. What if we could do it through a convenient service? We have applied the aesthetics of modern digital subscriptions to shift the focus from debt and pity to normality and familiarity. This will help to integrate charity into a person's daily life.

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