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communication strategy for a mobile app

The application "My Land" opens unknown places for travel and country holidays in the Belgorod region. With it, you can plan your route, share new places with loved ones and replenish the existing database of locations. We were tasked with conveying the benefits of using the app to local residents. In the process of researching the market and the audience, we found out that the main pain of Belgorod residents is leisure in the city causes feelings of familiarity and familiarity. And here "My Land" offers a base of little-known, but noteworthy locations for a country holiday. This gives the residents of the region to feel like explorers of their native land again and feel the excitement of adventure.

the goal
to reach

develop a communication strategy to promote a mobile app


Belgorod residents want to spend interesting leisure time in their native region, but it seems that everything has already been investigated, and nothing surprises

we`ve done

  • — communication strategy
  • — design solutions

plots for routes

When developing a big idea, we took into account the following factors. First: the product is intended for a mass audience, which means that the subject of the message should be simple and easy to read. Second: the application is designed for leisure, so it is more profitable to use an entertainment feed in promotional materials, instead of focusing on functionality. Third: the main advantage of the product is the offer of an alternative to popular places in the countryside, which means you need to create a contrast with urban entertainment and familiar excursions. As a result, we developed the theme of adventure films, where every Belgorod citizen becomes the hero of his routes. The characteristic epicness of movie posters is initially close to urban residents. It has become the main graphic technique in communication and noticeably distinguishes "My Edge" among other applications, which are often designed in a minimalistic style.

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