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omega-3 package

The Vertex company has many brands in its assortment. And one of them is Omega-3 capsules. The previous design no longer meets the requirements of a modern shelf, and we were faced with the task of distinguishing the product from competitors, emphasizing the naturalness of the ingredients and reflecting the Norwegian origin of the salmon from which the capsules are created.

the client’s task

is to redesign the packaging

identified problems

the previous design is overloaded with details and outdated

we did

  • — packaging design

the beauty of nature

After analyzing the competitors, we found out that minimalism and rigor in details dominate in the design. Therefore, it was decided to go an alternative way and use the illustration on the package. To optimize the process and provide concepts with complex illustrations faster, we used a neural network and created several preliminary sketches.

implementation of the concept

The options proposed by the neural network were similar in mood, but complex in detail or absurd in plot. As a result, we combined the most successful elements from different sketches into one composition and made up the text part. In the created design there is a balance between sufficient detail to reflect naturalness, and purity of execution so that the information is easily read.

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