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Brand guideline

The brand ecosystem requires clear rules and their adherence to convey the desired company image. Brand guideline is the main document for implementing these principles in life. It contains the most complete information about the brand.

Without a brand guideline, it is difficult to build business processes, because it describes the company's standards. Thanks to him, the brand retains its individuality. The reason is that the brand book makes it easier to interact with everyone associated with the company - from internal specialists to external contractors, because it shows them the ideology and brand style.

Brand guideline helps to:
  • enter a new market
  • launch a new product
  • create a holistic view of the company
  • maintain recognition
  • increase a positive reputation
  • save time on setting technical requirements for specialists
  • create added value for your product

Work stages

Step 1. Brand core
Brand attributes
Description of the archetype.
Formulation of mission and values.
Fasten positioning.
Identification of audience segments.
Description of the brand champion.
Step 2. Visual system
Description of the metaphor.
Fixing the rules for using the logo.
Fixing the rules for using graphics.
Structuring color graphics and typography.
Description of photo style.
Showing examples of layout visualizations.
Creating a layout guide.
Structuring all layouts in a common storage.
Project team
Work result

brand awareness
With your brand guide, you can ensure that the creative concepts you've crafted are preserved for the purpose of boosting brand recognition.
brand guide
The brand guideline serves as a valuable reference for your team and partners. It provides clear guidelines and standards for understanding the core principles of a brand.
ideology and design
With a well-prepared and structured brand guideline, you can easily transfer the layout to production and achieve the expected outcome.

Why should you order a brand guideline?

We use a research approach, studying the hidden motives of the audience, and work out in detail each stage of creation and implementation.

Features of our approach are in-depth analysis and creative thinking. Thanks to them, we unite the brand and its audience into a single organism.

Project examples

We created a brand guideline for the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis. We used the Mage archetype and the idea of highlighting the main thing from the general flow of information (as happens during a session with a psychotherapist).
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When creating a brand guideline for the Grant jewelry factory, we made the search for a product the basis of the concept, endowing the brand with the features of a Seeker.
view project
For fruit horticulture "Victoria 92" expertise included the concept of a progressive player, but without a bias in manufacturability.
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How much does it cost?

The cost is determined individually based on a preliminary online/offline briefing with you.

The final cost is defined by the timing, scope, and complexity and starts at 8,000 US dollars.

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